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Bridge talents, Build the People Network


JESS Recruit is a licensed recruitment agency (JTK2335) in Malaysia specializing in executive search, head hunting, special project employment (contact center, engineering & IT related), business training, recruitment process outsourcing, coaching and talent development firm. Our strong presence in Asia have made us one of the leading executive search firms especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.

Founded in 2006, JESS Recruit bridge talents to corporation locally and internationally. Our primary aim is to become a true partner with our clients, working as one to tackle the many challenges of human resource management. We strive to be the provider of the finest talents in all industries and sector. Ultimately, we not only source, but build a giant network of talents because we believe “people are the key” for corporation success.

Our Client

Our client consists of Fortune 500 companies and MNC. That is why we are one of the most successful and well-known HR firm in the country. Our management team has more than 15 years experience in the field of human resource − recruitment, coaching and talent development.

Our Service

We have got the critical mass and market penetration to be able to consistently deliver to all of the clients, while its niche focus ensures that its customers receive a high quality, personal service, coupled with the highest levels of integrity, commitment, passion, teamwork and a detailed knowledge of the market and business.

Our service doesn’t stop at recruiting and sourcing the right fit for your corporation, we also provide other related service to make JESS recruit your one stop Human Resource solution provider.

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Our Values

Along the years, JESS Recruit grows to uphold a few values which immensely differentiate us than other recruitment firms.

There’s always a fit – We believe that there will be always be a perfect fit for any position in any organization. So, send us your vacancies here.

We love our job – in fact, any job. We believe that every job plays an important role to an organization be it from the tea lady to the CEO of the company. In our organization, we love our job so do our talents. Our talents share the same passion in their job like us. We will ensure both talents and corporation see eye to eye, making sure both needs are met. That’s why we say “bridge talents”.

We love people – People are the ones making an organization interesting. We love working with people. We feel proud assisting HRs, hiring managers recruiting talents, and until today we feel light hearted, moved and touched when our talents text us and say, ”Thank you” for the great job that we‘ve recommended to them.

We grow talents – Even talents need nurturing. We don’t just find talents, we grow, and we nurture them. We keep in touch with them, we constantly provide information and updates to them. Check out our career blog – ants to see how we do it.

We pledge professionalism – We provide best service to both ends, we are truly passionate in bridging both parties – talents and corporations. Our talents are genuine, quality and uphold the same values we have. We uphold ethicality, professionalism in our work. We provide and consult what’s best to you and to our talents. We believe what goes around comes around.

We won’t stop – unless you ask us to. Our job is to find the right fit in any context.

We are a network – because we are building our network, check us out at our facebook, linked in, twitter.

For more information, you may contact us at +6 03-8941 3368 or email us at info@jessrecruit.com or fill up the enquiry form here